in the first half of 2013.

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A few years back it was very happening to have your own blog where you can literally air out your views on topics that interest you. However,catalogues that absolutely ap, as time goes by, people began to realize that they could eventually start selling stuff on their blogs. Again these are stuff that they enjoy buying or owning themselves. Hence many different blog shops began to sprout out all over the place offering products ranging from clothing to electronics,Wholesale Apple Ipad 4th authentic," Wilson stressed., food stuff, equipment and more. However,cheap BlackBerry mobile phone for sale, many customers may not be to comfortable buying from these blog shops as payment requires the buyer to bank in the money to the seller's bank account and then only will the seller ship out the goods. This does not make the payment or shopping process very secure or safe.
The Jinjiang, Fujiang-based company reported a net profit of 625.7 million yuan (102.16 million US dollars) for the period from January through June 2013 compared to 769.6 million yuan (125.8 million US dollars) in the previous year. Sales fell by 14.4 percent from 3.93 billion yuan (642.4 million US dollars) in the same period in 2012 to 2.37 billion yuan (387.39 million US dollars) in the first half of 2013.
Felling frustrated running your business using a blog shop? Maybe it's time you take your business to a higher level using a shopping cart software.
Many successful blog shop owners have made the switch and are experiencing better business selling with a shopping cart software. Why not give it a try as these service providers offer free trial periods for merchants to try out their solutions,cheap Apple mini ipad for sale. Happy selling!
If you're still contented with doing business using your blog shop, there is also no harm for you to try out some of the web-hosted shopping cart that are available. At least you can expand your knowledge and experience. You could also learn how to improve your online business after you try setting up an online store that is catered to your taste using any of the carts.
Anta will stick closely to its established plan to expand internationally," confirmed Ding. Anta began its expansion in 2001 with a first branch in Russia. It then entered other international markets like Hungary, the Philippines and Singapore. The company opened its first store in Dubai during the first half of 2013 and will continue to focus its expansion efforts on the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Currently,Wholesale Samsung LED TV authentic,Now is the Time!_32587., Anta operates stores in more than 20 countries worldwide.
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Since 2011, China’s sportswear companies have been having a tough time in view of products flooding the market, full inventories and fierce competition among each other. "China's sportswear industry still faces uncertainty associated with the unresolved excess inventory problem in the near term. However, its mid- to long-term outlook will be promising,Wholesale Apple mini ipad authentic, because the Chinese government isgenerally believed to be putting more effort into expanding domestic demand, boosting urbanization and increasing people's participation in sports," said Anta CEO Ding Shizhong in the earnings statement.
For those who wish to improve their business, they have the option to make more money by switching to a shopping cart software. The difference is that a shopping cart will have more features than a blog shop. It definitely has more payment processors for you to choose from and your customers can pay by credit card for their purchases. Most people who normally shop online will tell you that one of the criteria for them shopping online is that the seller must have a secure payment processor. No one likes to be cheated or feel worried that their purchases will not arrive with the seller running off with their money. On top of that, the software has more features for you to promote your online store to a wider audience with SEO features. As you get more traffic, you will have more orders. This is provided your pricing is competitive.
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