we look to the future with confidence

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Imagine standing at the lectern:
In April I had an opportunity to spend a day at a marketing seminar in North Jersey. One of the speakers was a very dynamic presenter, however, he spoke much too fast and his voice was somewhat nasal. While I had attended his presentation in the morning, he was also the final speaker for the closing of the seminar. I chose to leave the conference early because I knew if I had to listen to another hour of him, I would get a headache. (And, I had no intention of fighting North Jersey traffic with a headache!)
Most people are unaware that they can improve the sound of their speaking voice and in many cases the change can be quite dramatic. We all have a better voice inside. I refer to it as your 'real' voice, a voice that is warmer, richer, and probably deeper in pitch... a voice that sounds mature - not old, not young. Just mature. In addition, once you've had training you will gain tremendous control of your nervousness, your speed,Cheap AMD Processor CPU for sale, your pitch and your delivery in any form of public speaking.
1. You know your material;
Voices like that of George Clooney or Kathleen Turner or Morgan Freeman or Elizabeth Hurley are not anomalies. More than likely these actors have had training; however, there are so many fantastic voices in this world,wholesale Nokia lumia 1020, most of which will never be heard because most people don't know that they have a better voice inside.
Voice training is simple; it is basic; and, it is fundamental. When you learn the techniques for finding and using your 'real' voice, you will gain an asset that you never knew you had. In addition, you will discover other benefits that have nothing to do with the voice because the techniques used in good voice training are the same techniques used in the reduction of stress.
The retailer,wholesale Intel Core i5 Processor, founded in West London 20 years ago by English fashion designer Cath Kidston, grew by 33 to 118 shops over the year. The retailer has 58 stores across the country after launching eight over the year. The number of stores in overseas markets including China and Hong Kong has also overtaken UK stores for the first time. ��We��re investing the profits back into the business.��
4. You deliver your speech or presentation with color, with life, with emotion; and,buy Apple ipad 2 online,
If your hair is a mess, you fix it because everyone sees it. That is part of your visual image. If your voice is a mess; i.e., if it is nasal,failing to provide a service that the community depends on., or possibly too soft or too loud, childlike, or monotone, why wouldn't you fix it? Bear in mind, what you hear on your voicemail is how you are recognized by everyone else. THAT voice is your vocal image!
2,[/url]. You are able to control your nervousness;
Recently I spoke to a group of Toastmasters in Detroit and I posed that question,[url=http://www.aqua-story.com/cgi/treasurehunter/joyful/joyful.cgi]Take a Bradley childbirth cla
. Not one person in the audience liked hearing themselves on their voicemail. Not one person!
As a British brand it is very important for us to be successful in the UK," chief executive Kenny Wilson said, stressing that despite the potential overseas,wholesale Sony LED TV, where international sales are up 53 percent, he remains committed to growing business closer to home.
3. You make eye contact with your audience;
Sales rose 19 percent to 105 million pounds in the year to March, and the firm opened 33 stores, taking the total to 118."With the broad appeal of our products across the globe and the strong customer response to our brand in both the UK and Asia, we look to the future with confidence," Wilson stressed.
5. You speak with a voice that sounds fantastic on your answering machine!
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