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The new, Delhi Chief Minister, Kejriwal has however clarified that this decision should not be interpreted that AAP favoured a blanket ban on FDI. “AAP is not against FDI. But whatever information is available to us,Buy Intel Core i7 Processor online, it clearly shows that while FDI in retail improves consumers’ choices but at the same time it leads to loss of jobs at a very large level,” he said.
Kejriwal has written to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) to not allow FDI funded stores in the state. This is the first time an Indian state has decided to withdraw support for FDI funded retail stores. Even Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled states are against FDI in multi brand retail. So, after Delhi, the new BJP government in Rajasthan may not allow global retailers leaving a very limited apace for retailers such as Tesco
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Multi-brand retailers and industry associations and experts have expressed dismay over the decision. FICCI President Sidharth Birla, for instance, said the decision would hurt investor sentiment. “This direct negation without demonstrating a search for a viable alternative or via media would hamper investment sentiment for the state (of Delhi),founded in West London 20 yea,” Birla said in a statement. He said both large multi brand retail stores and small stores can co-exist peacefully.
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