michael kors bags car business introduction

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The name of Xie Xiaoju
,michael kors bags
gender female
date of birth in January 7, 1988
political affiliation member
marital status unmarried
the Kunyang town
height 170cm
culture college degree
work experience more than 2 years
majored in computer class
job intention
job status is looking for a job
work full-time
intention post sales personnel,michael kors watches, sales management / business,
requirements area in Pingyang County,michael kors outlet store, Longgang Town,michael kors outlet, Ruian city,
salary 6000-7999 yuan / month
other requirements of statutory holidays and risk,michael kors outlet online. Hope to have the provident fund and the rest
work experience
the baby horse Automobile Sales Co.,michael kors handbags outlet, Ltd. (2010/9 - 2012/3)
the size of 100 - 499
the nature of the company stock enterprise
position name car sales consultant
Department Sales Department
job description
the company BMW 4S shop, the specific work includes: the basic process of customer development, customer tracking,michael kors outlet, sales,michael kors outlet online, sales, sales contract negotiation,michael kors bags, also relates to automobile insurance,michael kors watches, mortgage, registration,michael kors handbags,michael kors outlet store attached to the mou, decoration,michael kors outlet online, car business introduction,michael kors handbags, transaction or agent.During the
to work in the company, have certain social practice experience, made some achievements in their work,michael kors bags, at the same time,but eventually people realized it was a means of direction.,michael kors handbags outlet, the company has been recognized.
work attitude: have a good team spirit and team spirit, positive work attitude,michael kors watches, work well with a different culture and staff background. Patience, self motivated,Before you open the doors of your shop for business, willing to endure hardship, self-learning ability, able to communicate well with people.
China mobile communication group Zhejiang limited company (2005/9 - 2008/8)
the size of 100 - 499
the nature of the company stock enterprise
Title clerkThe administrative department of
job description
I work in a Mobile Corporation, has certain social practice experience,michael kors outlet, made some achievements in their work,michael kors outlet store,is a good example. In general, at the same time,michael kors handbags In this year let al, the company has been recognized. Through www.jianli-sky.com years of work,michael kors outlet store, I learned a lot of knowledge, but also cultivate my firm and indomitable will and the spirit of hard work,michael kors handbags outlet, so that I can continue to overcome difficulties, work in a proactive. At the same time,michael kors watches, I recognize that the relationship between work and is built on the basis of self-awareness, and I feel that my enthusiasm has not been excited to the highest,michael kors handbags, I love my job, but everyone.
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