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A new study has indicated Asia will take over 50 percent of the luxury market in the next ten years. As Asian household incomes grow and local economies expand, the region will account of 50 to 60 percent of the world's luxury brand turnover,buy Apple mini ipad online, according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
Some of the most popular players today are:
The strongest growth region is to remain China, as the country is thought to have nearly 13m households with a disposable income of 150,buy Apple macbook online,000 US dollars or more by 2030. India will be hot on the heels of China,buy Dell Alienware online, with more than 30m households expected to have annual incomes exceeding 50,000 dollars.
These are just to name a few,whatever the material, there are numerous other popular players. Of course, there are also NCAA jerseys to get. North Carolina, Duke, Memphis, Kansas. It just depends on your fans favorite teams (and probably where they live).
So you're wondering what to get the basketball fan on your list this year? How about a basketball jersey? Everyone has a favorite team and player. Many more than one. The great thing about jerseys, though, is that there are a number of choices for the same player. First off, figure out who your fan's favorite players are. Then, ask if they've changed numbers or teams. For example,Cheap Dell Alienware for sale,it was also the first Nike sh, Kobe Bryant changed from #8 to #24. So your fan may have a #24 jersey,Cheap Apple Imac for sale, but how about a "retro" jersey with the number 8 on it? Or how about Shaquille O'Neal going from the Suns to the Cavs this year or Vince Carter going to the Magic?
The great thing about jerseys is that even with the same player number and team, there are a number of choices. There's always at least the home jersey (white) and away jersey (dark). Most teams also have an alternate jersey or a retro jersey. The Bulls for example have a white jersey for home, a red jersey for away, and a black jersey as an alternate. So your fan may already have a Derrick Rose jersey, but which one?
Kobe Bryant - LA Lakers (#24)
Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat (#3)
Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls (#1)
LeBron James - Cleveland Caveliers (#23)
Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic (#12)
Carmello Anthony - Denver Nuggets (#15)
A wealthy elite has also emerged in Indonesia on the back of the global commodities boom. Meanwhile, Malaysia and Thailand are becoming shopping destinations,Chinas largest sportswear company by market value, the EIU says, with the former benefiting from low import duties on luxury goods.
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