according to regulations for these items sold in Europe.

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Greenpeace concluded that traces of the dangerous chemicals were found in all the tested textile products, which could potentially effect the health of textile and garment workers who make the products as well as the product wearers. A Primark t-shirt which was purchases in Germany was found to contain 11 percent phtalates,Bond Street and Regents Stree,buy Apple ipad 2 online, a chemical mainly used as softeners in plastics which is known to be toxic to the reproductive development in mammals. The levels of phthalates found in the t-shirt would not be allowed in certain toys and childcare items, according to regulations for these items sold in Europe.
The Swedish retailer added that “the levels of PFC that Greenpeace claim to have found in the tested H&M garments were not restricted by H&M at the time of production, nor do they violate any EU restrictions levels.” H&M also claim that the they requested an external laboratory tests the exact same products and found far lower levels of PFC present.
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High levels of ionic PFCs were found in waterproof pants sold by H&M and a H&M jacket, although both items were admittedly produced before the Swedish retail giant became the first brand to introduced a PFC-ban, which went into effect in January 2013. H&M has responded to Greenpeace's report stating: “H&M's engagement in chemical management is recognized by Greenpeace, and we do not recognize ourselves in the report.”
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